Building Commission

The Ranson Building Commission meets when necessary.  Advanced public notice of meetings are posted at Ranson City Hall.

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to meetings. Minutes are available following approval.
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The Ranson Building Commission consists of three members.

Tylisa Beveridge 

Jun.30, 2024- Dec.31, 2027

Becky Biggs

Jun.30, 2022 – Dec.31, 2027

Christie Reed

Jul.1, 2020 – Jun.30, 2025

About the Board

The commission has the following authority and powers:

    • Sue and be sued

    • Contract and be contracted with

    • Adopt, use and alter a common seal

    • Make and adopt all necessary, appropriate, and lawful bylaws, rules, and regulations pertaining to its affairs

    • Elect officers, appoint such committees and agents as may be necessary

    • Acquire, purchase, own and hold any property, real or personal and acquire, construct, equipment

    • Maintain and operate public buildings, structures, projects and appurtenant facilities for which the governmental body is permitted by law to expend public funds

    • Apply for, receive, and use grants-in-aid, donations and contributions and accept and use bequests, devises, gifts and donations from any source

    • Sell, encumber or dispose of any property, real or personal

    • Issue negotiable bonds, notes, debentures or other evidences of indebtedness and issue any obligations and give any security therefore which it may deem necessary or advisable in connection with exercising powers

    • Raise funds by the issuance and sale of revenue bonds

    • Exercise power of eminent domain

    • Lease its property

    • Do all things reasonable and necessary to carry out the foregoing powers

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