Director: Breanna Andrews


Phone: (304)724-3880

To provide leading practice financial management services and leadership to achieve City of Ranson goals and objectives.

Business Partnership Roles
The Department of Finance serves as a strategic business partner to:

  • Promote actions to achieve the city’s priorities
  • Provide excellent service to internal and external customers
  • Establish and maintain sound fiscal policies
  • Deliver a clear and accurate picture of the city’s current and future financial position
  • Improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and integration of the city’s business processes
  • Proactively report on, analyze, and recommend actions for improvement


  • Manages and accounts for the city’s financial resources
  • Prepares and monitors the annual budget
  • Invests city funds to protect assets
  • Maintains fiscal liquidity
  • Maximizes income in compliance with all governing financial and accounting laws


Audits & Budget

Finance Forms:

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