Neighborhood Services

The Community Development Department is also responsible for neighborhood services on the micro-level. This division will become more important and will need to be more focused as the city grows.  Already, the City of Ranson is becoming divided into neighborhoods and will continue as the city consistently grows.

As with all cities and towns, neighborhoods are the core component of our community. All of Ranson’s neighborhoods vary in size, location, housing styles, utility providers and social economics. To better serve the community, the city will need to prioritize and focus services at the neighborhood level to identify and correct specific issues and problems.


Neighborhood services is responsible for many issues, including property maintenance and code enforcement, that affect individuals and their homes, neighborhoods, and, in turn, the City of Ranson as a whole. Services can simply be divided into three tasks.

Neighborhood Code Compliance

The Neighborhood Code Compliance is responsible for:

  • Maintenance and preservation of existing structures in the community through enforcement of property maintenance codes
  • Coordination of efforts to achieve compliance with the city’s blight and nuisance abatement programs

Neighborhood Coordination

The Neighborhood Coordination is responsible for:

  • Citizen education and outreach
  • Coordination of interdepartmental efforts to solve neighborhood problems
  • Organizing neighborhoods
  • Promoting neighborhood self-help programs to address community priorities

Neighborhood Programs

Neighborhood Programs are responsible for developing and managing programs to address neighborhood needs including:

  • Neighborhood plan implementation
  • Public service activities
  • Rental and home ownership programs

The Neighborhood Programs are also responsible for obtaining and administering a variety of federal, state and local funds to support the continuance of these programs and activities.

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